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FAQ’s and After Care

  • What is considered a Fashion Color?
    Any color of the rainbow that is not a naturally occuring hair color.
  • What color line does The LABoratory use for Fashion Color services?
    The LABoratory proudly uses the Pulp Riot semi-permanent color lines (16 OGs, NeonElectric, Raven Collection and NeoPop Collection) for Fashion Color services. Ruby is even an active educator for the brand and keeps a finger on the pulse of what's new and exciting in the world of Pulp Riot.
  • Are the Pulp Riot semi-permanent color lines cruelty free, vegan or even better - both?"
    Yes! Pulp Riot is vegan, gluten-free and cruelty free! They're also free of ammonia, PPD, MEA and parabens.
  • Do I have to have pre-lightened hair in order to receive a Fashion Color service?
    Yes. The stylists will try to keep the process to only what is strictly necessary to achieve the client's desired results, however if the desired result requires a blonding service 4 levels lighter or more, the service then becomes much more involved and categorized as a "Corrective Color" service.
  • Will the stylists ever deny a request or change what I had in mind from my inspo pictures?
    Fashion Color is an involved process which the stylists HAVE to keep the health of the client's hair in mind at all times. Depending on what is asked for and what a client came in with, the desired results may not be safely achievable in one service and may instead have to be a structured journey through multiple appointments. In reality, much like many other color alteration services, it depends on the natural pigmentation and structure of the client's hair, the time the hair has to rest in between services/appointments and the at-home care the client gives their hair during these rest periods. The team here at The LABoratory will always do what they can to help a client achieve their desired results and if necessary be up front about any potential roadblocks - the client's hair and its health comes first!
  • How long will my Fashion Color service take?
    For a full head of Fashion Color with a pre-lightening service expect to allow for a minimum of 4 hours, depending on the complexity of the client's desired result it could easily take double that - beauty takes patience, and trust us, it'll be worth it!
  • Now I have my desired Fashion Color, great! Now what?"
    A client should get ready to get used to washing their hair in cold water! Cold water is not only a frizz combatant and shine booster, but it helps extend the vibrancy and life of their Fashion Color.
  • Why is cold water so great?
    Cold water helps to close the hair's cuticle, reducing frizz and helping with shine, as well as allowing less color to be released from inside the hair during washes.
  • Does this mean I can still wash my hair every day?
    No, and normally it's good for a client to avoid the urge to wash their hair every day regardless. Most Fashion Color clients wash their hair every two days at most, some go much longer. At the end of the day Fashion Color is SEMI-PERMANENT, and the higher the frequency of washes the quicker the color will fade. We at The LABoratory realize each client has their own lifestyle and natural hair type, some may exercise frequently, some may have thinner/finer hair that may need to be refreshed sooner, however the Fashion Color service is an investment and the client should want to get the most out of it by trying to adjust their wash schedule.
  • How do I know if my hair care products are ideal for Fashion Color?
    Very good question! The LABoratory carries most hair products they use on a client's hair during their service in stock for retail and will be happy to help setting a client up with a perfect Fashion Color care product system. All a client has to do is ask! Best part about Fashion Color and care is that due to less frequent washes, many products will start lasting much longer.
  • What about hot tools and Fashion Color?
    We know this is hard too, but hot tools DO increase fade on Fashion Color, on top of stressing hair in general. Hair will be happiest if left natural and the stylists can show clients techniques to let their hair air dry and live its best life if requested. Try to use hot tools as sparingly and as close to the lowest heat settings as possible.
  • What do you mean by, "Embrace the Fade?""
    As stated before, Fashion Color is SEMI-PERMANENT. Pulp Riot fades unlike any other color line as it fades on tone which helps The LABoratory stylists ensure that their client's hair will fade much nicer than with other Fashion Color brands and thus we encourage clients, "Embrace the Fade."
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