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Interns at The LABoratory are licensed stylists. They are at the end of their assisting program and taking clients on a restricted menu. Availability is limited.

Intern Level Stylist

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Quality Services for Dashing Results

Please Note: all services are subject to change based off the length, density, and difficulty of the desired end result.

***A 48 hour notice is required to change or cancel an appointment. Failure to do so will result in a charge equal to half the amount of the starting price of scheduled appointment. 

***All services are a la carte, meaning chemical and conditioning services do not include blowout/styled finishes.

***Please disclose if length, density or texture may require extra time to complete service.

*** Please do not bring companions or children to a service if they're not receiving a service. Any additional guest that arrive without an appointment will be asked to wait outside of studio, or your service will be rescheduled for a later date and be subject to our late cancel charge. NO EXCEPTIONS!



stand alone service


This is perfect to add shine or tone out unwanted hues typically for blondes and balayage, but also great to add richness and shine to any color canvas


T-zone color retouch


Retouching the first inch or less of new growth around the front of the hairline and down your part line to give you more time in between your color services. (Think “T” shaped subsection of hair)


Root retouch


Coloring from scalp to one inch or less out covering only new growth


Full color


One shade of color applied from scalp to ends of hair


Root retouch with partial highlight or lowlights


Color applied to the first inch or less from scalp and a partial foil weave of color to add dimension.

***NOTE: Price increase if desired highlight is a "babylight"


Root retouch with full foil highlight or lowlight


Color retouch on the first inch or less of your new growth accompanied by a  full foil highlight or lowlight  

***Note: Price subject to change if desired highlight is a “babylight”


Partial highlight/lowlight


Traditional partial foil highlight or lowlight placement. Outlining the whole hairline and the "mohawk" section

Full highlight/lowlight


A full head of foiled highlights or lowlights to add dimension to the hair


Blowout finish add on to chemical or conditioning service



Stand alone blowout/style


Blowout style finished with curling iron or flat iron



Bang trim/undercut/hairline cleanup


This is for the "in between" services. Trimming your bangs, or calipering down an undercut, or even cleaning up the outline to a short cropped haircut. This requires time, so we've made an appointment slot for it!


Clipper cut


Any haircut using predominately clippers to create the main shape blended into a length using scissors to finish and detail.

***NOTE: Not a detailed barbers fade or finish. Ideal for women with short "she fades" or men with a 1/4" perimeter blended into a longer length on top.


Short cut with styled finish


A cropped length haircut using scissors only to detail and create a shape and style customized to your hair type.

***NOTE: This is gender neutral 


Medium cut with styled finish 


This is for most clients with chin to shoulder length hair. 

Long cut with styled finish


A customized haircut designed by your stylist to fit your individual style and preferences for hair lengths at shoulder blades and longer. 

**NOTE: Please specify when booking if hair exceeds common lengths and density so we can add more time for finish style.



Conditioning treatment


Conditioning treatment - add on


Pricing Options
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